New Year, Good Vibrations!

Year after year we set ourselves these resolutions, only to break them a week later, no scratch that maybe 2 days later. Yes it’s important to look forward but what’s really important, what really matters is the Now! You have thrived, survived, had ups and downs in the past year and guess what..you made it! Celebrate all you have today, be grateful for all you have now. Make a point of doing something everyday that makes you happy…dance like nobody’s watching, get back to Nature, your Spirituality, your reason for being!! Do it, do it today, for no other reason than to make you feel good. And here’s the secret.. When you feel good that’s when the Universe takes notice. Good Vibrations equals good feelings!! So ditch the Resolutions and feel good for you!!! Trust me you’re higher self will thank you for it. Let me know how you get on!

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