National Stay Single Day

So as it seems to be the norm that each day has its own National Day, I have found myself heading straight to googldygoop to find out what National Day I’m celebrating, after all i am Irish and love to have any excuse to have a party!! So in my search I stumbled across the fact that it was National Stay Single Day and I had to let my fingers do the taking on this one.

Could this be the fact that we’re coming up on Valentines Day and the singles were looking for a day too..hmmm makes you wonder. Well hold on to your single knickers Sheila, i have you covered!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ok I totally get why Millenials want to stay single, get their college degrees and forge their way in the career world, before they would even consider a relationship (hair flick). But before I give the Millenials all the credit here. I remember when I was starting out in my career and wanting to be single (All the ladies, single ladies..Independant woman..Destiny Child) ~Come on you 90s peeps I know you remember throwing yourself around the dance floor to this tune, while secretly envying your mates “Ating” the face off some randomer.

But seriously I get it, I really do. But having a lot of friends who have gone through their first marriage and are now single I hear their point too. Seriously not having to pick up those icky boxers and the like and having to deal with the ups and downs of a relationship is something I totally get. Less of the drama and more of the me time. But in some of the points I read was “I get to be myself” “I get up when I want to” “I get to go out when I want to” “I don’t have to answer to anyone”. Well as the quote above states, yes you absolutely have to be wholely in love with yourself before you can get into a relationship. You may have heard me say it on my podcast, but you cannot give away wont you don’t have. If you don’t have complete self love and appreciate yourself and know your own worth then I would say this. ..

Whilst still in school, explore your likes, loves and dislikes, never ever fall prey to peer pressure – yes that ‘ol chestnut!! Have friends, in fact have lots of them and never ever let geographics stop you from seeing them as you get older. Have adventures, as many as you can squeeze in. Never ever be reckless with other peoples hearts, especially your own. If you do suffer a broken heart, take the time to heal, grow and learn, so that you never bring that emotional baggage into every other relationship in the future. Speaking of baggage..Travel the world and take in every culture as you possibly can, this will help you evolve as an individual. Learn languages, hell get fluent. Go to Italy at least once in your young life and see what it really means to be an artist. But and this is a big but…if you do happen to fall in love with all of your heart, then go with it and just like the mighty arms of a stream, let it see where it takes you. Maybe you’ll be a couple for life (GASP OF HORROR from the singles)

But hey I’m just a gal in her 40s doling out a pinch of advice. Which reminds me “Hun you wouldn’t mind sticking on the kettle, I’m only gasping for a cuppa” So to all of you singletons out there I raise my cuppa Tay to you and say “Cheers, Its National Singles Day!

If any of this has rung your bell, Id love to hear your input. So dont forget to let your fingers do the talking. Until the next time, Stay wide awakened and pretty. – Vivienne

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