Who are you gonna call?


If there’s something strange in your neighborhood….

Ok I’m presuming you get where Im going with this one. Todays show is all about the Spirit side of life and no I’m not talking about the Gin!

Before I get into the ins and outs of the show I just wanted to let you know, with my show you will get a total mixed bag…a skittles bag…you’re tasting the rainbow with my show.  

See goodies an all when you listen in..sure I’m only spoiling you rotten.

Are you an Empath? If you have a feeling that you are, then listen up because I have a few questions for you and if you answer Yes to 1 or 3 of these Questions then heads up your an Empath.

Have you any stories about Orbs or do you consider yourself empathic? By the way I am looking for people to interview about anything I have spoken about then do get in touch as Id love to have you on the show and well have a good ‘ol giggle along the way.

So lobotomies aside I talk about how I figured out my empathetic & spiritual life. If you do have stories I would love to hear them so do make sure and drop the comments and as always don’t forget to show the lurve in the Reviews.

So here’s where you can find me, hit me up by email 


Just in case your wondering Buzzsrpout is my go to place for my podcasts as they have me on every public platform so get a your voice out there and grab yourself a $20 Amazon voucher by clicking the link down below and come and join me.

So for now, thats all folks!!!

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