Cyber Bullying

Coping with Cyber Bullying or any kind of bullying is not something that you have to suffer through on your own. As today show shines the light on the Cyber Bullying world.

Yes today is a serious one but one that has to be listened to. Im talking about bullying from all walks of life.
The reason why i started this podcast was to share my voice and somedays
I may make you laugh, cry or perk your ears up. If you have an “aha” moment during any of my shows then I have done my job. I have a voice and by God am I going to use it to make sure not one other life is lost.
Having suffered suicide in my own family and struggled and dealt with it myself, I take todays show very very personally. I want you to be safe and your children also. So get a notepad and pen at the ready and really take this seriously. Too many young lives have been taken due to Cyber Bullying, such as Caroline Flack, a UK presenter recently.
Don’t ever ever dull or dum down who you really are, dont feel like you have to pretend to be somebody else whilst suffocating who you truly are inside.
 Be you, do you as only you can do!!!!!! and that is the mantra for the day!!!!!!

If you’re liking the sound of the podcast then you know what to do…get your little selves into the Reviews and let me know what your thinking. Lets get this as far and as wide as we possibly can. Don’t ever feel like you have to go it alone. You’ll find my details down below and also the link if you’re looking to share your voice with the world with Buzzsprout…just tell em I sent ye!!!

Wide Awake Pretty Girl everywhere else!!!

As always know that i care and until the next time…BE SAFE!!!

Published by Vivienne Clifford

I have many strings to my bow and it allows me to delve deeper into all aspects of my life. I am a Reiki healer, NLP practitioner & Life coach. I never ever thought that I was creative but it seems that the creator of all that is has proven me wrong. Writing is the love of my life. The ability to unleash my creativity through words and of course using My voice as a podcast host. I am an activist for all things related to Mental Health. Writing and speaking give me the platform to speak on taboo subjects. It seems I do have creativity coasting through my veins afterall.

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