Weird & Wonderful Thursday


Todays show was a total mixed bag of everything. We spoke about everything from Hallucinating monkeys to Serial Killers.

I never ever like to think of anybody as been born evil so I want to know your views on that one. There is so much talk about Mental Health Awareness as I discussed Tyson Fury and his battle with it and how he overcame it and is such a fantastic voice for Mental Health, particularly with Men as they feel that it would be an insult to their masculinity to discuss such matters.

As I am just over the flu I had to brush off those cobwebs and get back into my live kicking boots and as always you guys did not dissapoint. I love the vibe of doing a live and how I get to feed off of your energy. You guys rock!!!

If you would like to continue on the conversation then please feel free to join my FB page Wide Awake Pretty Girl and of course you can find me on here….






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