Sexidance Relationships 101


Sexidance may bring up visions of you twirling around a pole but sorry to crush your vision. This is the word I use to  descibe you, Confidant in your Sexy self so you can rock your relationships.

Dr. Viv is in the house and its time for some Relationship advice 101. As this month is International Womens Month. I thought I would honor it by empowering my fellow gals. Its time we took back our power and held it in our hands where it belongs.

These tips should have you living and loving your Relaionships. So fellas this is for you also, when you listen in you are getting front row seats to what your Queen is thinking and how she should be treated. 

Ladies be the Queens that you deserve to be and take note of each and every tip. The one tip that sticks out like a beacon of light is to have your own life. When you are busy living and loving your life, you are all the happier for it. As always I dont just dole out this advice, I like to roll back the curtains on my own life and relationships. There’s nothing worse than getting advice from someone that has never stood in your shoes. This aint a scripted life, this is real life and I only want the best for you guys, so as always I take this very seriously with a sprinkle of cheeky.

I will be sharing lots of tips this month and I will also be doig a live stream in my FB page Wide Awake Pretty Girl, so make sure to join me there. I will also be talking about miscarraiges this month as I feel it is all too often brushed under the carpet and needs to be spoken about. Our emotions need to be cared for and It is my job to shine the light on these subjects. So Yes this month is advice for my sisters but fellas you can learn a thing or three too…so stay tuned.

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