To medicate or not to medicate that is the question 💊


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There seems to be so many contrasting views as to what an addict is. Having gone through addiction and getting clean I encounter so much snobery around somebody taking medication. So one of my sisters brought up this question in regards to her Spirituality. She was judged on her Spiritual Entrepreneurship because of her Post partom depression and has to take medication. 

In my opinion how can anybody call themselves spiritual and judge someone else. Never mind the fact that judgement is something that is frowned upon in the Spiritual world!

I decided to go live on this one as I really wanted real time comments on this one. WE spoke about CBD and how it has changed so many lives and my story of the Granny who rocked my world by souping up her cups of tea with a load of CBD “No wonder I was feeling great” She said as she winked at me in the local Vape shop.

I really did come from both sides of the discussion with today’s show and it is a difficult one for sure. Yes addiction is rampant and I think its more about minding your own side of the street and your own business. Being mindful of your own life and not minding what others think. As long as you are looking after your health then it should not concern anybody but you and you GP!!

Big pharma reared its ugly head in the conversation with one of my listeners commenting “They just want to keep you addicted”

So now it’s over to you. Once you listen to the show make sure to head on over to Podchaser to leave your comments and of course your love in a Review.

Big announcement also on the show today so as always until the next time keep listening and for now… That’s all folks!!

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