If not now when!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

If youre expecting a post feeding into the fear of whats going on right now, sorry to disappoint you but just like “The life of Brian” I always look on the bright side of life…i hear you whistling along! This is a post dedicated to my friends who too call this beautiful planet home. It only takes a photo of the Earth to bring me to tears at the pure beauty of it.

Maybe now when we finally have some time on our hands, which is what youve always asked for right? Well now that you do, what are going to do with it? I am in full appreciation mode today and i find myself asking the big questions. My attitude of gratitude is for all of the things, people, places, circumstances that I once took for granted but now I feel privileged to have this life. To live in such a beautiful world. This Earth, right here, where your sitting your little hiney is heaven. A grown up playground to be enjoyed and experienced.

Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

Not just the big stuff but what about the simple things like a hug, an embrace from a loved one, going out with your mates. Whatever floats your boat ⛵ I see us coming out the other side with such a higher state of consciousness and that makes me so happy. I look forward with love and what strikes me as so profound is, I’ve been talking about how we’ve become so disconnected between social media and our communities in general and now here we are but instead of complaining about it, instead of giving lots of “I told you so’s” Let us all be grateful for what we do have. I have never felt more grateful for the internet and my broadband connection.

Yes, we may be in isolation but let us celebrate the time we have at home with family and not further isolate ourselves by fear mongering and scaring the bejaysus out of people. We can skype, FaceTime, pick up the phone and return to community by shopping for those that cannot leave the house or making sure that those alone are not left forgotten. Let us the generation that are living through this, love through this and let us set an example for generations to come that we were the ones that changed this planet for the better. This is our home, let us make it so and respect and love her just as she loves us. – Vivienne

Make sure to catch my podcast today celebrating Gen X. I really enjoyed today’s show and had to get back to my writing today!

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