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Happy St. Paddys Day guys!!

Gen X we have made it. We are having our moment to shine and I am taking full advantsge of that in todays show! We are no longer the forgotten gnerstion. I a so proud to be a Xennial!!

In the midst of me having a good ol giggle Im also challenging myself with a few of Oprahs Life Quesrions. Right now more than ever we have some time on our hands and maybe just maybe we will come out of this on the other side by appreciating all that we do have and having an attitude of gratitude snd not taking things for granted. I personally will not be feeding into the fear by talking about it as many others are doing it for me. I just want to spread the love and give you a laugh.

Normally we are so busy with our lives but now that we have the time on our hands we are doing more of the things that us Gen Xs were so good at eg..making our own fun..damn we were so good at that. I came to my own self realisation on todays show with how I grew up and what I loved about it.

Isolation to me growing up was finally having time to myself apart from all the other rugrats I had to share my bedroom with..in bunk beds I may add. But man oh man did we have it good and I am so proud of my generation and by God am I going to drag this out for as long as I can.

Until the next time…Keep listening and let me kinw your thoughts and reviews. Without your reviews I may become a forgotten generation myself. Dont do thst to me and take the time to support your Wide Awake Gal.

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