Journey to Joy

It’s not how you finish the journey but how you handle the journey.This life will throw your perspective right back  to you. The world we live in is actually an individual reflection of your conscious mind.Now it’s called a journey for a reason, particularly my Spiritual journey.My journey of self realisation happened when I wasContinue reading “Journey to Joy”

I am not enough!! #MondayMotivation I wanted to do my part on being my best version of being on the frontline and thats exactly what todays show was all about. If youre having triggers, which is something coming up for you right now then listen in as I talk you through it. I am here for you, ifContinue reading “I am not enough!!”

Family Affair March 26, 2020   Vivienne & Niamh Niece and Aunty on a rampage!! Yes we have finally done it!! Niamh and myself on our first episode of Pout it Out. We talked online dating, the enviornment, the Corona Virus and pictures that you wouldnt want your Mammy to see on a night out. WeContinue reading “Family Affair”

Dear Mama Yesss!!! I have the pleasure of 2Pac for my intro. Thanks Alitu you guys are the shit!!  So if you haven’t guessed already, it’s Mothers Day!! So this one goes out to all the Mothers out there!!!  I talk about my own experience with the Coronavirus and how proud I am of how everyoneContinue reading “Dear Mama”