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You are the Ocean

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During mediation I received this phrase

“It is not the motion of the Ocean but the Ocean itself”

I knew this was a lesson, which I had to explore. So as I walked in Nature I began to decipher this message. What is motion but traction, movement and action. The Ocean is Source, for every stream, river and ripple always returns to its Source. So what does this mean. As I walked and pondered it hit me, just like those beautiful hints of inspiration sent from the Divine. I knew this is what was sent to me

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No matter what action or circumstance happens in our lives it is how we (the Ocean) handle it. Do we become victims of our own circumstance or do we return to Source to ask “What lesson am I to learn from this?” For we are all a reflection of Source energy, so the solutions are right here within. Do we choose ego mentality, encaged in fear and doubt? Perhaps we choose unconditional love to solve our problems. Allow me to expand and give you an example of this from my own personal history.

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Whilst I was in Treatment for drug addiction I felt safe in this bubble. I had gotten accustomed to my space and I felt free. However on returning into Society I was once again encaged in fear. Fear of what I was capable of and fear of this new way of being. I did not step outside my front door for a full year as this feeling took over my life.

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One sunny morning as I sat in my Mother’s back garden a Dragonfly began floating around me, then a Butterfly. Both dancing, encircling me with their beauty. I knew this meant something, so for the first time in 6 months I went online ( yes social media even scared me). Then it hit me, I was the butterfly. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly may seem messy and ugly but the outcome is beauty and freedom.

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From that moment I returned to everything I had been taught and returned to my Source. Hence my true path emerged, just like the butterfly. I began to step outside of my safe comfort zone that the ego would trick us into believing is the place to stay and began living my life the way God had intended. Today I live my life on purpose. I am knowing of my purpose and will never allow fear or doubt to rule my way of being again. As The Course in Miracles says “If you knew who walked beside you, you would never experience fear or doubt again”

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Know that you are always guided and led. Trust and allow the higher power of your own understanding to work through and for you. Most importantly no matter the circumstance, turn inward and you will receive all that you will ever need. For when we return to our Source, we are home.

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Affirmation : Spirit guide me now.

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Swans & Sun

I have taken to walking in the early morning hours to take in all of Natures delights and preform my Japa meditation in my sacred space.

I have to add that for years I would also do this walk, however it was more the walk of shame, as I staggered home filled with guilt and alcohol. If you have ever wondered why people who have been in addiction take to Spirituality like a Swan to water, it is because we just know what it’s like to be on the other side of beauty and compassion.

This morning as I took my walk with delight and expectation as to what God had in store for me today. I stood almost memorized at the sight before my eyes. Three of the most beautiful Swans gliding along the River, followed by the biggest Heron I have ever seen wings aloft flying above.

I just thought to myself that God was showing me a life lesson. As we glide through life, allow it to be gracefully. Allow the flow of the stream of life to take us where our purpose lies, providing us with whatever we need. Throwing caution to the wind as we take flight in our own lives, with a deep knowing that all is well.

When we relax into the knowing that we have surpassed all of our worst days and give thanks to ourselves for making it thus far. Embracing all of our past and living from that special place, where Angel’s, just like those swans wrap their gentle wings around you, whispering “I’ve got you!”

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Ok, so here goes!! Since the day my Father rejoined his soul with God, I have gone deep into my meditation and prayer practice.

This was self care on steroids!! What I have experienced is miracle after miracle in my life!! Listening to the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer every morning for 4 months, flooding me with Spiritual knowledge and practices.

You see I have known my souls mission for quiet some time now but felt myself stuck!! How do I begin to teach my Spiritual knowledge? How do I combine my own life story of drug addiction, abuse, homelessness with the path which I have endeavoured to take? Well, the answer to these and every other question in life & I cannot stress this enough..GO WITHIN!!

For within is not only the answer but it is the way of truly knowing how to be with God and live a life beyond my wildest dreams. You see I was in a toxic relationship with God, it was “his” fault that I my life was the way it was. Forbidden to use his name, as I associated with the foreboding God that I was taught about in school. But as Alan Watts says “You cannot get wet from the word water” But it wasn’t about just the name but truly getting to know God. And who is this God that I have come to know and love? Why it’s me!! For God …our Source is omnipresent. Everywhere and everything and every body!!

I was handed the keys to the Universe and I walked, talked and breathed love every second of everyday. I totally un plugged from Social Media, gave up my personal history by embracing it. After all it has brought me to this very special time in my life..Today!! I forgave everyone and myself and let me tell you something about Forgiveness..It truly is freedom!!

At last I felt truly worthy of living out my souls mission and decided to see the light in everyone. Not for who i want them to be but for who they are period!

My mediation practice include my Sidhi meditations for 20 mins in the morning and again in the evening. And here is where I pull out the big guns. Everyday for 40 minutes I practice The Moses Code. There is not one word in any language that explain the power of the prescence I feel when I practice this meditation. I am with God and it feels immensely blissful and beautiful.

What is my souls mission? To teach, speak and write about all that I have witnessed and all that I have recieved. For in receiving such miracles, I must give them also. I kid you not within one week, I finally got it!! I came full circle and recieved miracle after miracle, one which I have wanted in my life for many many years. In receiving these miracles I finally understand that it’s the feeling of the God realised presence and the knowing and sureness of it that has truly manifested in my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

So today I begin my teachings and this is put a drop in the Ocean of what I have to share. I trust that these words will find the people that need to hear this the most and know that I am on standby to teach, speak and write to my souls content.