I am not enough!!



I wanted to do my part on being my best version of being on the frontline and thats exactly what todays show was all about.

If youre having triggers, which is something coming up for you right now then listen in as I talk you through it.

I am here for you, if you want to talk heres where to find me for a call, facetime… if you need help in anyway I am here for you!!




Family Affair


March 26, 2020


Vivienne & Niamh

Niece and Aunty on a rampage!! Yes we have finally done it!! Niamh and myself on our first episode of Pout it Out.

We talked online dating, the enviornment, the Corona Virus and pictures that you wouldnt want your Mammy to see on a night out.

We even spoke about the importance of Clean Beauty and our special gift to you guys is a $5 discount for the amazeballs Company by Cassandra McClure Lash Binder. Listen in to the show to find out how to grab your discount.

Nothng was off the table today as we dove into everything and I mean everything!!!

I am not going to spoil the show by telling you because it was hilarious.

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Dear Mama


Yesss!!! I have the pleasure of 2Pac for my intro. Thanks Alitu you guys are the shit!! 

So if you haven’t guessed already, it’s Mothers Day!! So this one goes out to all the Mothers out there!!! 

I talk about my own experience with the Coronavirus and how proud I am of how everyone is coping with this. We have returned to massive community spirit and I could not be more impressed with everyone that has dedicated themselves to making the most out of this situation.

Has anybody else noticed how sunny 🌞 it has been, listen in to find out why I think this is.

Enjoy my monster munch of today’s show and again Happy Mothers Day!!

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Vivienne 💋

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Pick your Knows


Happy St. Paddys Day guys!!

Gen X we have made it. We are having our moment to shine and I am taking full advantsge of that in todays show! We are no longer the forgotten gnerstion. I a so proud to be a Xennial!!

In the midst of me having a good ol giggle Im also challenging myself with a few of Oprahs Life Quesrions. Right now more than ever we have some time on our hands and maybe just maybe we will come out of this on the other side by appreciating all that we do have and having an attitude of gratitude snd not taking things for granted. I personally will not be feeding into the fear by talking about it as many others are doing it for me. I just want to spread the love and give you a laugh.

Normally we are so busy with our lives but now that we have the time on our hands we are doing more of the things that us Gen Xs were so good at eg..making our own fun..damn we were so good at that. I came to my own self realisation on todays show with how I grew up and what I loved about it.

Isolation to me growing up was finally having time to myself apart from all the other rugrats I had to share my bedroom with..in bunk beds I may add. But man oh man did we have it good and I am so proud of my generation and by God am I going to drag this out for as long as I can.

Until the next time…Keep listening and let me kinw your thoughts and reviews. Without your reviews I may become a forgotten generation myself. Dont do thst to me and take the time to support your Wide Awake Gal.

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To medicate or not to medicate that is the question 💊


Hands down THE best live podcast to date 📅

There seems to be so many contrasting views as to what an addict is. Having gone through addiction and getting clean I encounter so much snobery around somebody taking medication. So one of my sisters brought up this question in regards to her Spirituality. She was judged on her Spiritual Entrepreneurship because of her Post partom depression and has to take medication. 

In my opinion how can anybody call themselves spiritual and judge someone else. Never mind the fact that judgement is something that is frowned upon in the Spiritual world!

I decided to go live on this one as I really wanted real time comments on this one. WE spoke about CBD and how it has changed so many lives and my story of the Granny who rocked my world by souping up her cups of tea with a load of CBD “No wonder I was feeling great” She said as she winked at me in the local Vape shop.

I really did come from both sides of the discussion with today’s show and it is a difficult one for sure. Yes addiction is rampant and I think its more about minding your own side of the street and your own business. Being mindful of your own life and not minding what others think. As long as you are looking after your health then it should not concern anybody but you and you GP!!

Big pharma reared its ugly head in the conversation with one of my listeners commenting “They just want to keep you addicted”

So now it’s over to you. Once you listen to the show make sure to head on over to Podchaser to leave your comments and of course your love in a Review.

Big announcement also on the show today so as always until the next time keep listening and for now… That’s all folks!!

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If loving you is wrong


Are you in a toxic relatinship? It is my job to hook you guys up with the top signs to look out for.

Having been in a toxic relatioonship and also been the poisonous one, I know what the feck I am talking about. I am coming at it from both angles in todays show.

If you find you are not living your best life or someones possesion then you better listen up because as always Aunty Viv is in the house to help you out.

Today Im gonna let the show do the talking as this one is really important and one of my best shows to date (if In do say so myself).

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*Warning* Procrastination Rant


Ok so Im guessing that you guys know me by now and know that I am never ever an Angry ickle person but this morning I seen something that sent me on one an on one I went.

So…what did set me off? Ill give you a hint…EXCUSES!!

Dont fret though I did calm down eventually. Im sure anybody that listens in will understand why I went on this rant and why it is omportant I got my point across. Why is talent being overlooked for some randomer talking about hair? I just dont get it!! There are people thst have welld of talent and are being overlooked for hair tutorials and kitten videos. Listen I get it, I really do, people need to figuyre stuff out and need a tutorial but seriously I wonder how dod we survive as a human race before said tuorials and getting an instant hit of dopamine because a post was liked on Social Media!!

Ok so before I start all over again and give myself a headache, Ill let yu0 listen to a what it sounds like when a person is taking a social media breakdown!!!

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So since said rant is now over, I can go and have a nice herbal tea and get me some sunshine. Until the next time…and I promise no more ranting and raving from me!!! Id never make a sports coach, Id just keep apologising..he he!!!

Take care Wide Awakers!!!



Sexidance Relationships 101


Sexidance may bring up visions of you twirling around a pole but sorry to crush your vision. This is the word I use to  descibe you, Confidant in your Sexy self so you can rock your relationships.

Dr. Viv is in the house and its time for some Relationship advice 101. As this month is International Womens Month. I thought I would honor it by empowering my fellow gals. Its time we took back our power and held it in our hands where it belongs.

These tips should have you living and loving your Relaionships. So fellas this is for you also, when you listen in you are getting front row seats to what your Queen is thinking and how she should be treated. 

Ladies be the Queens that you deserve to be and take note of each and every tip. The one tip that sticks out like a beacon of light is to have your own life. When you are busy living and loving your life, you are all the happier for it. As always I dont just dole out this advice, I like to roll back the curtains on my own life and relationships. There’s nothing worse than getting advice from someone that has never stood in your shoes. This aint a scripted life, this is real life and I only want the best for you guys, so as always I take this very seriously with a sprinkle of cheeky.

I will be sharing lots of tips this month and I will also be doig a live stream in my FB page Wide Awake Pretty Girl, so make sure to join me there. I will also be talking about miscarraiges this month as I feel it is all too often brushed under the carpet and needs to be spoken about. Our emotions need to be cared for and It is my job to shine the light on these subjects. So Yes this month is advice for my sisters but fellas you can learn a thing or three too…so stay tuned.

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My scars run deep



I wear my scars like the warrior that I have become. Man, did I choose some route to learn me some lessons, but learn I did.

Oh have these hands been places. Not only have they served me well but they also mark the scars of my past. Ever presently there they are. The scars that I once tried to hide, the scars that I would try ohh so hard to disguise. Long sleeved tops and polo necks pulled down, fearing what people would say were they to catch a glimpse of my scarred hands and arms. I went to so many great lengths to hide away those scars, not just the ones I see upon my hands today but the ones I held in my heart. “What will people think? Junky, I can hear them cry”, were the words that pursed my lips. But then one day something magic happened, I had a visit from little Viv. I went on a journey, a voyage of self discovery, if you will and oh how little Viv let me know that these scars were to be the stage I would stand upon. How these scars were my trophy and I, to be so proud to wear them. You see these scars remind me everyday , whether I put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or mouth to mic. These scars remind me of the strong ass woman I have become and in fact always have been. But somehow I had forgotten. I had forgotton about my magic! My magic you ask…what else would you call it when one embarks on a trechourous journey that had doomed so many before. But somehow I had survived and was rewarded. And just like Dorothy getting her shoes, little Viv took my hands and said “Dont you realise Vivienne, these scars are your gift, they are here to remind you not only how far you’ve come but how far you’ve yet to go, but this time you won’t be going it alone, you’ll be bringing lots and lots of friends along with you. Because out in this world there a thousands just like you who need to be reminded that their struggles, strifes, pains, hurts and traumas can also be a story to be told, a vision to be created. They too must stand upon a stage and declare to the world that these scars may look ugly to you, but to me they are beautiful. They are a tattoo of hope, never to be hidden or ashamed of. So with sleeves rolled up I say I am Vivienne, scarred but beautiful. Now, its your turn.

If you’re looking the cut of my job and how I edit my podcast and yours could do with a good ol spot and polish then Alitu is the place to go. You will not regret it I promise you that. As always I use Buzzsprout for all of my hosting needs and you should too. Go to this link for Alitu and get yourself a discount, they really do take the hard work of editing from you, so you can just concentrate on your show…https://alitu.com?fp_ref=vivienne-73