Journey to Joy

It’s not how you finish the journey but how you handle the journey.
This life will throw your perspective right back  to you. The world we live in is actually an individual reflection of your conscious mind.
Now it’s called a journey for a reason, particularly my Spiritual journey.
My journey of self realisation happened when I was in Treatment getting clean. The amount of Spiritual occurrences during my time in Treatment were insurmountable but it wasn’t until I was at home with technology for the first time in months, I learned what all of these things meant. One day whilst sitting in my back garden I seen the most stunning dragonfly, that seemed to dance around me. One hour later as I sat at my laptop wondering what all this meant and just like that a series of synchronised events and my Spiritual journey began.
When I hear it’s a cruel world or life isn’t fair, I simply remember all I’ve been through and how I survived 100% of my bad days. Let me explain..
Homelessness, drug addiction, depression, suicide attempts are just a few of the events that almost broke me but didn’t. In fact i say Thank You to all of my struggles as i do my happiness because no matter what the event, you’re going to learn something from it.
Tomorrow I bury my beautiful Daddy and there are so many things I am grateful for to have such a Father. So yes at times events will happen that may or may not throw you but just pause for a minute, meditate and think how do I want to handle this. It is such a wonderful way to live and in my opinion it’s a wonderful world. How do you see your world?


If not now when!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

If youre expecting a post feeding into the fear of whats going on right now, sorry to disappoint you but just like “The life of Brian” I always look on the bright side of life…i hear you whistling along! This is a post dedicated to my friends who too call this beautiful planet home. It only takes a photo of the Earth to bring me to tears at the pure beauty of it.

Maybe now when we finally have some time on our hands, which is what youve always asked for right? Well now that you do, what are going to do with it? I am in full appreciation mode today and i find myself asking the big questions. My attitude of gratitude is for all of the things, people, places, circumstances that I once took for granted but now I feel privileged to have this life. To live in such a beautiful world. This Earth, right here, where your sitting your little hiney is heaven. A grown up playground to be enjoyed and experienced.

Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

Not just the big stuff but what about the simple things like a hug, an embrace from a loved one, going out with your mates. Whatever floats your boat ⛵ I see us coming out the other side with such a higher state of consciousness and that makes me so happy. I look forward with love and what strikes me as so profound is, I’ve been talking about how we’ve become so disconnected between social media and our communities in general and now here we are but instead of complaining about it, instead of giving lots of “I told you so’s” Let us all be grateful for what we do have. I have never felt more grateful for the internet and my broadband connection.

Yes, we may be in isolation but let us celebrate the time we have at home with family and not further isolate ourselves by fear mongering and scaring the bejaysus out of people. We can skype, FaceTime, pick up the phone and return to community by shopping for those that cannot leave the house or making sure that those alone are not left forgotten. Let us the generation that are living through this, love through this and let us set an example for generations to come that we were the ones that changed this planet for the better. This is our home, let us make it so and respect and love her just as she loves us. – Vivienne

Make sure to catch my podcast today celebrating Gen X. I really enjoyed today’s show and had to get back to my writing today!


My Scars are my Gift

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

― Rumi

As I always sit here in my favourite space, typing and thinking, I cant help but notice my hands as they dance upon the keyboard. I aIways thought I could never play an instrument but I now realise that when I write I am making my own kind of music and I kinda dig that!

Oh have these hands been places. Not only have they served me well but they also mark the scars of my past. Ever presently there they are. The scars that I once tried to hide, the scars that I would try ohh so hard to disguise. Long sleeved tops and polo necks pulled down, fearing what people would say were they to catch a glimpse of my scarred hands and arms. I went to so many great lengths to hide away those scars, not just the ones I see upon my hands today but the ones I held in my heart. “What will people think? Junky, I can hear them cry”, were the words that pursed my lips. But then one day something magic happened, I had a visit from little Viv. I went on a journey, a voyage of self discovery, if you will and oh how little Viv let me know that these scars were to be the stage I would stand upon. How these scars were my trophy and I, to be so proud to wear them. You see these scars remind me everyday , whether I put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or mouth to mic. These scars remind me of the strong ass woman I have become and in fact always have been. But somehow I had forgotten. I had forgotton about my magic! My magic you ask…what else would you call it when one embarks on a trechourous journey that had doomed so many before. But somehow I had survived and was rewarded. And just like Dorothy getting her shoes, little Viv took my hands and said “Dont you realise Vivienne, these scars are your gift, they are here to remind you not only how far you’ve come but how far you’ve yet to go, but this time you won’t be going it alone, you’ll be bringing lots and lots of friends along with you. Because out in this world there a thousands just like you who need to be reminded that their struggles, strifes, pains, hurts and traumas can also be a story to be told, a vision to be created. They too must stand upon a stage and declare to the world that these scars may look ugly to you, but to me they are beautiful. They are a tattoo of hope, never to be hidden or ashamed of. So with sleeved rolled up I say I am Vivienne, scarred but beautiful. Now, its your turn.

-Vivienne Clifford


Weird & Wonderful Thursday


Todays show was a total mixed bag of everything. We spoke about everything from Hallucinating monkeys to Serial Killers.

I never ever like to think of anybody as been born evil so I want to know your views on that one. There is so much talk about Mental Health Awareness as I discussed Tyson Fury and his battle with it and how he overcame it and is such a fantastic voice for Mental Health, particularly with Men as they feel that it would be an insult to their masculinity to discuss such matters.

As I am just over the flu I had to brush off those cobwebs and get back into my live kicking boots and as always you guys did not dissapoint. I love the vibe of doing a live and how I get to feed off of your energy. You guys rock!!!

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Cyber Bullying


Coping with Cyber Bullying or any kind of bullying is not something that you have to suffer through on your own. As today show shines the light on the Cyber Bullying world.

Yes today is a serious one but one that has to be listened to. Im talking about bullying from all walks of life.
The reason why i started this podcast was to share my voice and somedays
I may make you laugh, cry or perk your ears up. If you have an “aha” moment during any of my shows then I have done my job. I have a voice and by God am I going to use it to make sure not one other life is lost.
Having suffered suicide in my own family and struggled and dealt with it myself, I take todays show very very personally. I want you to be safe and your children also. So get a notepad and pen at the ready and really take this seriously. Too many young lives have been taken due to Cyber Bullying, such as Caroline Flack, a UK presenter recently.
Don’t ever ever dull or dum down who you really are, dont feel like you have to pretend to be somebody else whilst suffocating who you truly are inside.
 Be you, do you as only you can do!!!!!! and that is the mantra for the day!!!!!!

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Wide Awake Pretty Girl everywhere else!!!

As always know that i care and until the next time…BE SAFE!!!


Who are you gonna call?


If there’s something strange in your neighborhood….

Ok I’m presuming you get where Im going with this one. Todays show is all about the Spirit side of life and no I’m not talking about the Gin!

Before I get into the ins and outs of the show I just wanted to let you know, with my show you will get a total mixed bag…a skittles bag…you’re tasting the rainbow with my show.  

See goodies an all when you listen in..sure I’m only spoiling you rotten.

Are you an Empath? If you have a feeling that you are, then listen up because I have a few questions for you and if you answer Yes to 1 or 3 of these Questions then heads up your an Empath.

Have you any stories about Orbs or do you consider yourself empathic? By the way I am looking for people to interview about anything I have spoken about then do get in touch as Id love to have you on the show and well have a good ‘ol giggle along the way.

So lobotomies aside I talk about how I figured out my empathetic & spiritual life. If you do have stories I would love to hear them so do make sure and drop the comments and as always don’t forget to show the lurve in the Reviews.

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