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You are the Ocean

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During mediation I received this phrase

“It is not the motion of the Ocean but the Ocean itself”

I knew this was a lesson, which I had to explore. So as I walked in Nature I began to decipher this message. What is motion but traction, movement and action. The Ocean is Source, for every stream, river and ripple always returns to its Source. So what does this mean. As I walked and pondered it hit me, just like those beautiful hints of inspiration sent from the Divine. I knew this is what was sent to me

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No matter what action or circumstance happens in our lives it is how we (the Ocean) handle it. Do we become victims of our own circumstance or do we return to Source to ask “What lesson am I to learn from this?” For we are all a reflection of Source energy, so the solutions are right here within. Do we choose ego mentality, encaged in fear and doubt? Perhaps we choose unconditional love to solve our problems. Allow me to expand and give you an example of this from my own personal history.

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Whilst I was in Treatment for drug addiction I felt safe in this bubble. I had gotten accustomed to my space and I felt free. However on returning into Society I was once again encaged in fear. Fear of what I was capable of and fear of this new way of being. I did not step outside my front door for a full year as this feeling took over my life.

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One sunny morning as I sat in my Mother’s back garden a Dragonfly began floating around me, then a Butterfly. Both dancing, encircling me with their beauty. I knew this meant something, so for the first time in 6 months I went online ( yes social media even scared me). Then it hit me, I was the butterfly. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly may seem messy and ugly but the outcome is beauty and freedom.

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From that moment I returned to everything I had been taught and returned to my Source. Hence my true path emerged, just like the butterfly. I began to step outside of my safe comfort zone that the ego would trick us into believing is the place to stay and began living my life the way God had intended. Today I live my life on purpose. I am knowing of my purpose and will never allow fear or doubt to rule my way of being again. As The Course in Miracles says “If you knew who walked beside you, you would never experience fear or doubt again”

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Know that you are always guided and led. Trust and allow the higher power of your own understanding to work through and for you. Most importantly no matter the circumstance, turn inward and you will receive all that you will ever need. For when we return to our Source, we are home.

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Affirmation : Spirit guide me now.


If loving you is wrong

Are you in a toxic relatinship? It is my job to hook you guys up with the top signs to look out for.

Having been in a toxic relatioonship and also been the poisonous one, I know what the feck I am talking about. I am coming at it from both angles in todays show.

If you find you are not living your best life or someones possesion then you better listen up because as always Aunty Viv is in the house to help you out.

Today Im gonna let the show do the talking as this one is really important and one of my best shows to date (if In do say so myself).

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Feel the fear and do it anyway

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“Expose yourself to your deepest fear, after that, fear has no power and it vanishes and shrinks – You are Free”

Jim Morrison

M y entire life I lived in fear. The fear of judgement, not being enough or worthy, trust me the list goes on. Our insecurities keep us playing small and that’s exactly what your ego wants us to do. ” It’s comfy here, why push yourself, your good here in this small box” A course in Miracles teaches us how crafty and cunning the ego can be. I became so accustomed to my fear it ruled my life. Panic attack, ok no big deal, oh another anxiety attack, where have you been all day? I got so sick, literally physically, emotionally, mentally and most importantly Spiritually. I had enough, I was ready to face my fears and do i t anyway. You see I was no ordinary fearful person, I was also an addict with a princess complex..go figure! I was madder than a box of frogs and I could not take it anymore.

Getting myself clean was like freeing myself from the bondage of fear I had built up over the years. I had found my purpose in life. I am clean and sober today and when fear creeps up I laugh in its face and say “Yippy Kie Aae Mother f***er, bring it on” Thanks to my educated skills and meditation and overall strength, long gone are those fearful nights. I love and live in the NOW, no past, no future, right here and now is where the magic happens and I could not be happier.

So now I ask you, what would you do if you had no fear? Feel free to drop me your email address so I can keep you up to date with my shenanigans. Yes, I’m Irish just in case you were wondering!!