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Swans & Sun

I have taken to walking in the early morning hours to take in all of Natures delights and preform my Japa meditation in my sacred space.

I have to add that for years I would also do this walk, however it was more the walk of shame, as I staggered home filled with guilt and alcohol. If you have ever wondered why people who have been in addiction take to Spirituality like a Swan to water, it is because we just know what it’s like to be on the other side of beauty and compassion.

This morning as I took my walk with delight and expectation as to what God had in store for me today. I stood almost memorized at the sight before my eyes. Three of the most beautiful Swans gliding along the River, followed by the biggest Heron I have ever seen wings aloft flying above.

I just thought to myself that God was showing me a life lesson. As we glide through life, allow it to be gracefully. Allow the flow of the stream of life to take us where our purpose lies, providing us with whatever we need. Throwing caution to the wind as we take flight in our own lives, with a deep knowing that all is well.

When we relax into the knowing that we have surpassed all of our worst days and give thanks to ourselves for making it thus far. Embracing all of our past and living from that special place, where Angel’s, just like those swans wrap their gentle wings around you, whispering “I’ve got you!”


So where have I been? I retreated deep into my meditation and Spirituality in my countryside home. I have never felt more at peace and serene. Inspiration has been flooding through me. 3 books in the works and more to come. I want the entire world to feel how I do. Remember I was once was lost..(addiction, abuse, homeless) but now I am truly found and if only the world would take the time to meditate and be at peace..the world would be a very different place. Look inward my friends, for the Divine is waiting to answer your prayers. Poem by; Vivienne Clifford (a.k.a..Wide Awake Pretty Girl) #poetry #spirituality #inspiredaction #reels