*Warning* Procrastination Rant


Ok so Im guessing that you guys know me by now and know that I am never ever an Angry ickle person but this morning I seen something that sent me on one an on one I went.

So…what did set me off? Ill give you a hint…EXCUSES!!

Dont fret though I did calm down eventually. Im sure anybody that listens in will understand why I went on this rant and why it is omportant I got my point across. Why is talent being overlooked for some randomer talking about hair? I just dont get it!! There are people thst have welld of talent and are being overlooked for hair tutorials and kitten videos. Listen I get it, I really do, people need to figuyre stuff out and need a tutorial but seriously I wonder how dod we survive as a human race before said tuorials and getting an instant hit of dopamine because a post was liked on Social Media!!

Ok so before I start all over again and give myself a headache, Ill let yu0 listen to a what it sounds like when a person is taking a social media breakdown!!!

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So since said rant is now over, I can go and have a nice herbal tea and get me some sunshine. Until the next time…and I promise no more ranting and raving from me!!! Id never make a sports coach, Id just keep apologising..he he!!!

Take care Wide Awakers!!!