To medicate or not to medicate that is the question 💊 Hands down THE best live podcast to date 📅 There seems to be so many contrasting views as to what an addict is. Having gone through addiction and getting clean I encounter so much snobery around somebody taking medication. So one of my sisters brought up this question in regards to her Spirituality. SheContinue reading “To medicate or not to medicate that is the question 💊”

*Warning* Procrastination Rant Ok so Im guessing that you guys know me by now and know that I am never ever an Angry ickle person but this morning I seen something that sent me on one an on one I went. So…what did set me off? Ill give you a hint…EXCUSES!! Dont fret though I did calmContinue reading “*Warning* Procrastination Rant”

Lets Talk about love and fun I had such fun with you guys today talking about everyhting got to do with love and makng sure you talk about your emotions and just to have fun in your life!! If you do one thing today, listen to this podcast, let yourself off the hook and just listen in and have fun